Physical Rehab Therapy in Rockford, IL

At Health First Wellness Center we offer out patient therapy. Our experienced Chiropractors work with each patient individually on his/her program. Each rehab program is specifically designed for the patients needs.

Our rehab facility offers a wide range of cardiovascular machines, strength training, plyometrics, balance, gait training and much more. Once you have had your initial evaluation with our Chiropractor they will decide when you will begin your therapy. With your therapy you will be performing exercises at home as well as while you are in the office. Finally, on your next visit, your home exercise program will be reviewed.

Both our Chiropractors and Athletic Trainer work with patients with a variety of symptoms. These include: sciatica, back pain, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, knee, hip, and ankle pain. These are just a few symptoms that they deal with on a regular basis.